Port Access Trays

Prevent Dislodgement and Needlesticks

Centurion Custom Port Access Trays are designed to include all the components necessary for you to infuse, draw blood and flush your patients' implanted ports.

Featuring the Centurion SecureView Port Dressing, designed with an adhesive-free center zone to reduce the risk of needle dislodgement and needle sticks during dressing removal.
Designed for:

  • Port Infusion
  • Port Aspiration
  • Port Flushing

Port Access Trays are designed to save caregivers time by putting everything they need to infuse, draw blood and flush their patients' implanted ports.

Kits customized with exclusive Centurion products:

  • SecureView® Port Dressings
  • SorbaView® SHIELD Securement Dressings
  • Safety Huber Infusion Sets
  • HuberGuard™ Safety Needle Device

Benefits For Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Kits can be assembled with latex-free components and packaging
  • Using Centurion custom kits with components packaged in the proper order for maximum efficiency and effectiveness:
    • helps contain costs and promote standardized procedures
    • encourages consistent product usage and adherence to hospital protocol
    • eliminates the need to search for missing procedural components or the waste of extra, unused items

SecureView® Port Dressings

  • Feature an adhesive-free center zone that won't stick to huber needle wings or activate safety devices during dressing removal
  • Compatible with virtually any manufacturer's huber needle
  • Comfortable for patient
  • Available in two sizes

Centurion HuberGuard™ Safety Device

  • Provides a safe method of needle removal and disposal, reducing risk of needlesticks
  • Features multiple safety lock indicators
  • Comfortable for patient
  • Easy to use

Centurion Safety Huber Infusion Sets

  • Low-profile huber needle reduces risk of bumping or dislodgement
  • Comfortable for the patient
  • Drug Compatible tubing
  • Custom built for your needs