PeriCare Perineal Washcloths

One Step. Clean. Simple.

Centurion PeriCare® cleans, moisturizes and protects the perineal area for incontinence cleanups. The large, 10" x 13" washcloths are a comfortable size for patients and users, and are specially-formulated with an effective barrier that prevents chapping and chafing to delicate skin. PeriCare cloths are soft, soothing, pH balanced, and freshly scented. PeriCare eliminates the need for harsh soaps, tap water and abrasive towels, leaving your patients feeling clean and comfortable.

The 40-cloth package provides a full supply of washcloths, and contains no alcohol, lanolin, or latex.

  • Provides protective barrier to delicate skin
  • Comfortable for both patients and caregivers
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing
  • Alcohol free, latex free