LabScan Blood Tube Labels

Because Blood Tube Labeling is Critical
Getting samples can be stressful for patients and caregivers. Doing it more than once because a label failed is costly, embarrassing and avoidable. Engineered to perform better in automated testing equipment and incubators, LabScan™ labels are an exclusive combination of adhesive and coating:

TubeLoc™ Adhesive - Specially formulated to create a stronger bond with glass and plastic.

IncuScan™ Coating - Technically engineered to conform easily around test tubes and to withstand the environmental challenges of incubators without fading. 

In combination, TubeLoc and IncuScan create a label that maintains the integrity of printed patient information and barcodes. Plus, LabScan adheres better than any other laboratory label available. 

Using Centurion LabScan labels can lead to more timely reporting of critical test results and more efficient lab operations.

One Stick, One Label, One Scan
One Stick… With the help of educational materials and in-servicing, the phlebotomist will know the optimal way to adhere and align the labels.

One Label… With our TubeLoc adhesive our labels stay on better and won't flag during the automated analysis process. This prevents Lab Techs from wasting time re-labeling and saves on downtime from servicing equipment due to errors. 

One Scan… Our IncuScan coating keeps patient information readable and scannable even when exposed to the heat and humidity of incubators. With every sample identifiable, errors are reduced and benefits from LIS efficiency can be realized.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Specially formulated adhesive creates a stronger bond with glass and plastic 
  • Conforms easily around test tubes and syringes to minimize creasing, gaps and flagging for less re-labeling
  • Withstands the environmental challenges of incubators without the print fading
  • Maintains the integrity of printed patient information and barcodes for greater automation efficiency
  • Accurate and timely test results the first time eliminates the need for re-draws 
  • Fewer needle sticks increase patient comfort and satisfaction
  • Assists in meeting The Joint Commission's Patent Safety Goal of reporting critical test results and diagnostic procedures on a timely basis
  • Glove-friendly adhesive won't stick to gloves
  • Compatible with most LIS software for "load and go" printing 
  • Integrated program includes educational materials and printer maintenance procedure kits for optimal performance