Catheter Securement

Centurion HubGuard® is made of an adhesive-backed foam that securely anchors the catheter at the insertion site, while providing a soft barrier between the rigid hub and the patient's skin.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

  • Enhances stability to reduce "pistoning" of catheter in vein, reducing catheter migration, dislodgement, and unscheduled IV restarts
  • Adhesive-backed foam securely anchors the catheter at infusion site
  • Non-irritating adhesive is gentle on skin, yet stays in place for 72 hours or more
  • Cushion protects skin and provides comfort from rigid catheter hubs
  • Meets INS Standards for Catheter Stabilization
  • Available in two latex-free materials:
    • For maximum securement and cushioning, 1/16" thick PE foam
    • For maximum breathability, 1/32" thick breathable PVC foam