Driveline Management Trays

Designed to Provide Optimal 
Protection for LVAD Driveline Sites


Intuitively Designed Kit Encourages Best Practices
Providing proper driveline securement and infection protection is key for reducing complications for your patients with LVADs.

Centurion Driveline Management Trays include all the supplies necessary for driveline maintenance in one single kit. Trays are customized to the specific needs of clinicians and hospital protocol.

Benefits for Caregivers, Hospitals & Patients

• Driveline Management Trays customized with exclusive Centurion dressings and securement products:
    - help lower the risk of contracting an infection with products that provide bacterial protection and long wear times
    - keep the driveline securely in place even with active patients
    - provide a consistent protocol that follows the patient from the hospital, to the rehab facility, then home
    - are intuitively designed to promote proper sterile technique, helping to reduce the incidence of patient complications, unscheduled nursing visits, and hospital readmissions
• Centurion's Guardian Angel Program provides clinical education designed to reinforce essential skills and behaviors for best practices to reduce LVAD complications
• Centurion custom kits are assembled with components packaged in the proper order for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
• Kits can be manufactured with latex free components and packaging