Centurion Multi-Med tm Catheter

Optimal Flow from "Hub to Tip"

Use Centurion's Multi-Med™ central venous catheters in every environment that requires fast infusion of fluids.

Multi-Med brings you faster flow rates, protection against catheter-related infection, needleless access and easy one-handed guidewire handling.

Benefits For Caregivers, Hospitals, Patients & the Environment

  • Pressure injectable
  • Infuses fluids up to 50% faster than standard CVCs
  • Backform design enhances fluid flow throughout catheter
  • Provides antimicrobial protection on the inside and outside of the catheter
  • Ergonomic guidewire insertion advancer allows easier, one-handed operation
  • Centimeter markings assist in determining insertion depth
  • Flexibility of a J-tip or straight tip depending on your needs
  • Polyurethane material provides excellent handling, flexibility and kink-resistance
  • Soft tip on multi-lumen catheters enhance patient comfort and reduce risk of vessel perforation
  • Clear extension lumens for excellent fluid path visualization
  • Easy-to-read lumen identification and gauge size on color-coded hubs
  • Available with Interlink needleless injection caps to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries to healthcare workers
  • Available as part of a complete custom Centurion Central Line Bundle Kit