Centurion Quality Policy


It is necessary for all principals and employees of Centurion to be fully committed to quality and contribute to its enhancement. We define product quality as the ability to satisfy customer needs to the highest extent possible and to assure safety, effectiveness and reliability. This means that we are committed to designing or specifying our products to meet customer needs and expectations, establishing systems to assure that those criteria are met in actual fact and implementing controls that are adequate to guarantee safe, effective products consistently produced and/or delivered.

Centurion's mission is to ensure customer satisfaction through quality, service
and continuous improvement. 

We are committed to supporting this mission by:

Defining quality requirements through training of managers and employees and verifying the
effectiveness of the training program.

Conformance with all specifications for products and processes.

Maintaining and managing the quality system.

Refusing to consider deviations from quality system requirements, or wasted resources, as acceptable.

Treating all complaints, deviations, or nonconformances as indications that there may be an opportunity to refine or improve the quality system.