About Us

CMP building

Founded in 1961, Centurion Medical Products (formerly known as Tri-State Hospital Supply Corporation) is a privately held company with approximately 1,100 employees and a national sales force of over 145 professionals. 

Guided by direct, one-on-one contact from the doctors and nurses we support, Centurion has led the industry in providing responsive products, and insight. This has enabled Centurion to excel in customization through its procedural trays and other product lines.

In addition, Centurion has worked to capture and maintain the lead in quality and reliability in other mission-critical areas such as single-use instrument trays, catheter securement/stabilization and dressings. As the industry's performance leader, Centurion helps medical professionals and hospitals achieve better care while lowering costs.

At a time of dramatic industry consolidation, Centurion remains strong and independent. Funding its own growth internally, Centurion continually pursues differentiated products and maintains its focus on practitioners' areas of imperfectly-met needs. Today, more than ever, expert-consultative sales representatives make a decisive difference.